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Unios: “Northlink is a convenient & affordable solution to our rapid expansion”



Unios: Manufacturer of architectural lighting  


Unios | Fomerly Premium Lighting


17 Niche Parade Wangara

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Paley Ho – General Manager

In 2015 architectural lighting manufacturer Unios purchased a new building in the Northlink Industrial Park to establish its headquarters. While the general fit out was suitable they made some significant internal changes to better suit their expansion plans. Unios saw in Northlink a great opportunity to buy new and make the changes needed to support rapid business growth.

General Manager Paley Ho said “Our Malaga property was at capacity and we found Wangara to be an affordable comparable option with a bright future as an industrial precinct. The additional space at Northlink Industrial Park allowed for our rapid growth.”

Mr Ho said “It’s also convenient for clientele to visit in terms of location and aesthetically presents well with new buildings and streetscapes.”

Unios is fast becoming one of Western Australia’s leading lighting design firms. By blending precise design and engineering Unios brings light to life in all its diversity.

As manufacturers of LED lighting they shape and build luminaires that blend aesthetics and technology.

With his sights set firmly on the future what does Mr Ho think about the viability of business estates in WA?

“In the future developing businesses will need more industrial estates which allow for affordable expansions. The right price point will allow for growth while also being economically strategic and sensible.”

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